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Welcome Hewlett-Packard! Enterprise is customized for use by Hewlett-Packard. This site is for HP business use only.

Always check HP MarketVision for content first. MarketVision is HP's world class market research and business intelligence portal. (You must be logged into the HP intranet.) Enterprise should be used only if you cannot find research you need in MarketVision.

Through Enterprise, you can purchase market research reports using either your HP credit card or a Purchase Order. You are responsible for following HP purchasing guidelines. You must use this customized version of the Enterprise site to receive HP discounts. Do not use the Mindbranch or public sites; you will be redirected to this site which offers the same documents.

Reports published by suppliers with whom HP already has an active contract (MSA) are available on MarketVision and cannot be purchased through MRDCE. If you cannot locate the report you want for a supplier that is on MarketVision, please work through Lisa Riggs to purchase those reports. She will leverage HP's existing Master Services Agreement with the supplier, ensuring the maximum discount possible.

If you cannot locate a specific report on either MarketVision or Enterprise:
  • Contact John Iovieno (212.807.2663, of to find out if the report can be procured for HP.
  • If is unable to procure the report, go to Procurement Central for purchasing information.
  • Do not contact content suppliers directly.